Top Entertainment Tips for your wedding

Top Entertainment Tips for your wedding

The three most memorable things at a wedding, the dress, the food and the band!

Make sure your wedding entertainment is something very special. Keeping it fresh and full of energy, we have become one of Ireland's most sought after bands. We deliver a night of entertainment that your guests will always remember, you only have to look at our testimonials and FB page to see how we love what we do and so do others!!!

The secret to good entertainment is to give the guests exactly what they want.
We always appreciate that there's a broad age group to entertain at a wedding. We cater for all, aunties, uncles, mates, mother in-laws, everyone parties with The Moogs.

We won't deafen you!
There's always a lot of catching up to do between friends and relatives and nobody likes to have to shout over "the noise!". We ensure the highest quality of sound, from start to finish and at a level that works for the stage in the evening.

We don't waste any time setting up.
Your big day often passes in what feels like the blink of an eye! We want to make the most of the evening so we're at your venue in plenty of time, ready to set up (30mins approx) as the room is being turned around. It's often a welcome break for your guests after the meal and speeches etc, then everyone's ready to party the night away. Most hotels and venues are very well organised and get the room turned asap but it's no harm to mention to the coordinator that the sooner the band can setup, the sooner your party starts. ( i.e. clear a space for the band and then the dance floor!).

Book "The Band" not "A Brand".
It's apparently becoming more and more like a soulless business to some people and that has sadly introduced "band companies". Sometimes what you see is not exactly what you get? The Moogs on the other hand are the total opposite. The same 5 top musicians, there to have a fantastic night and watch the room ooze with enthusiasm. There's no greater reward for us, a full dance-floor with everybody partying. It's always been ethos.

Only as good as your last gig, and that's a fact.
We wouldn't generally use a set list as every night is different. We call the songs as we go because we get a much better crowd reaction. We always maximize on what's making your guests party and bring it up to the next level.

How do we keep the floor full?
We have more the 6 decades of hits & classics in the bag and we know how and when to pull them out and use them.

What makes us different?
You might have noticed in our playlist page that we have more than just the cool wedding classics, but lots of real club, dance, rock and retro classics too. But the real difference is how they sound. We really do pride ourselves on getting it right. That's what makes us (and your guests) enjoy the show so much. No greater reward!

Here are some things you might want to consider to make the most if your big night.

Start time.
From experience, generally you're seated for the meal by 5.30/6 and finished by 8ish. Speeches etc till 9 or so and we're ready to go by 9.30 We're not fussy as the speeches can often be a major highlight of the day, some are longer than others as is often the case with the meal itself. Some couples prefer speeches before or during the meal. This can work well, it eases the nerves and allows us to get set up while your finishing up on teas and coffees etc, a lot more relaxed than the grand finale of "speeches". Each to there own and it's whatever way you see your day will always work for us.

Venue lighting.
Can the venue easily dim the lights to create a good party atmosphere? Nobody really likes dancing under bright house lights and as we bring professional lighting with us it creates a much better party atmosphere.

Seating plan.
It might be no harm to consider where you seat the older guests. Maybe away from the band? This sounds obvious and again we don't deafen you but it does add to the night when people feel more comfortable where they are.

Any singers in the family?
We love to tailor your night wherever we can and having someone up to sing is always a privilege but be sure to have it arranged well in advance as we don't want your night to turn into a misplaced karaoke night!

Supper is served...
We would usually play for approximately 60 mins before taking a break and we do our best to coordinate the timings with the hotel for the supper / teas, coffees etc. At this point if you have booked our DJ, he will entertain your guests with an appropriate selection of music for seamless changeovers.

Where's the bar?
We have found that having the bar in the same room as the entertainment is a big plus. If it's doable, do it! If not don't worry as we have a knack of making the dance-floor "the place to be!"

Our Story
The Moogs are one of the most amazing Wedding Bands Dublin has to offer. We are not just another Wedding Band, We are an amazing group of top quality musicians who put our heart and soul into every single show. The energy that we project to an audience is unbelievable and always gets the floor full from the very first song.

You need to see this amazing, award-winning and massively energetic approach to becoming the #1 Alternative Wedding Band for your best day ever.

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