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Looking for Alternative Wedding Bands in Dublin Ireland?

It's not easy to find an alternative wedding band as most bands who are playing weddings in Ireland right now are all playing the same old songs and the same cheesy classics night after night to please the Uncles and Aunties, Grannies and Grandads.
There is nothing wrong with playing the golden oldies. However, too much of anything could drag the whole thing down. How about switching it up with the number 1 alternative wedding band in Ireland?
Pleasing the crowd is a very important part of entertaining the whole room throughout the night... But..
When it gets a little later into the evening, more younger people are taking over the dance floor, the dance off's are breaking out and the night is really starting to reach a higher level of excitement and energy, that is when you need an Alternative Wedding Band to break away from the norm and really rock the house with some tunes you never expected to hear.
This is the kid of feedback we are getting time and time again, from EVERY AGE GROUP.

"You guys were the best Wedding Band we have ever seen at a wedding."

"Your playlist is amazing, You just blew everyone away."

Or even...

"The best band to have ever played here!!"

(Quoting multiple Wedding Venue Managers in Ireland)

We have noticed an increase in the number of couples asking us to avoid playing certain songs or even to avoid certain artists completely. It's fair to say that everyone's taste needs to be considered, it's unfair to the whole room to opt for a single Era band, 80's or 90's day Glow outfit wearing crew whose clothes are louder than the music. !!
It's fun for us but there's more to making a night to remember for Everyone.
You should choose a band that you can trust to deliver the kind of party that everyone can enjoy without offending anyone's musical integrity!

Are you serious about throwing a party your guests will be talking about for months?

You should consider whether all the golden oldie classics are enough to Raise the Roof? or do you and your guests deserve something a little more exhilarating to make it a night you'll never forget.
We chose the most incredible alternative music to lift the night to a new level because it's a massive reward for us too. We thrive on the energy that we see on the floor and it shows in our performances every night.
So what makes a really alternative wedding band?
The best way to answer that is to experience it yourself first hand. We hold regular Showcases in Dublin which are a short 1-hour snippet of our set and although its dialled down for display purposes! it's still really clear what makes us different to the rest of the wedding band, suited and booted, brass and swing bands out there. They are great too, but we are very different.
Our love of the music we play is obvious. Its Music Of Our Generation (MOOG ...a haa!!) Its the songs we all went crazy to when we were standing in a field in Tipperary, Féile, Witness, Electric Picnic, The Multitude of Discos in the 80's and 90's and the whole catalogue of riffs and anthems that rocked dance floors everywhere.
The musicianship in the band is second to none. All of the band members are recognised Irish Musicians in their own right and we have played with and alongside so many big names in the business, David Gray, Declan O Rourke, BellX1, Mundy, The Walls, Sharon Shannon, Something Happens, Paddy Casey, Natty Wailer, Juliet Turner, Juno Falls & The Frames.
It's our Number 1 goal to win the crowd over and deliver the most unbelievable night to your guests. It's our job to get the party started and bring it to new highs. We aim to break the mould and bring long-overdue energy to the ritualistic wedding band era and hopefully set the bar for the new generations of couples getting married. Checkout out a real alternative wedding bands music playlist
Brides and Grooms these days want new first dances, unusual wedding songs, unusual requests and something different to happen on their night that didn't happen on anyone else's dance floor. And why not. A lot of the songs so regularly played at a wedding these days are unknown to the younger generations of today and don't connect at all with the golden oldies we all heard out folks chime out over and over.
Let us offer you a real Alternative Wedding Band experience for your big day. You can notice the vibe changing with the number 1 alternative wedding band in Ireland playing on your special day.
Your guests will be blown away, the stories will be told over and over and you will be proud of the party that marked the biggest dance-off.. I mean, Day of your lives.

Our Story
The Moogs are one of the most amazing Wedding Bands Dublin has to offer. We are not just another Wedding Band, We are an amazing group of top quality musicians who put our heart and soul into every single show. The energy that we project to an audience is unbelievable and always gets the floor full from the very first song.

You need to see this amazing, award-winning and massively energetic approach to becoming the #1 Alternative Wedding Band for your best day ever.

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