Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked a range of questions about how Booking Wedding Bands or your wedding night might go in relation to the band and DJ setup times, the flow of the evening and sometimes about booking the band. So we took the time to put together a few questions and answers to help you in your research and planning. We are always here to answer any other questions you may have. Just contact us if you have any questions.

How do we book the band?

You can secure The Moogs for your wedding or event with a deposit of €230 euro with any credit or debit card. You will receive a confirmation email and that’s it. Confirmed!

We keep in touch and organise the finer details as we get a little closer to the big day but please feel free to contact us at any stage with any questions you may have along the way….

How long do the band play for?

It is an important factor to consider when booking a wedding band in Ireland. The band would play until around Midnight with our DJ continuing on until 2.00 am or Hotel Curfew. We are always very flexible and can work within each couple’s pre-arranged time schedule. Bob, our DJ arrives at the same time so he can warm up the room with some music while the tables are being moved, or in preparation of the first dance.

Will it be very loud?

As a professional sound engineer, I understand the importance of a suitable volume for the size of room and stage of the evening i.e. we don’t deafen you and ensure a quality show from start to finish. So when booking a wedding band in Ireland it's good to go and see them live to see if they take this into account.

Should we choose a playlist?

We always welcome any suggestions towards the playlist for the night. Especially when there are “Must Have” tunes that need to be heard on the night then we are happy to make it them a priority. You are not required to select songs for the evening and usually, the best plan is to leave the overall show to us. We read the crowd on as we go and see what they like and prefer.

Is the DJ separate to the band?

Bob is a working professional DJ and arrives at the same time as the band. He brings his own sound system and starts almost straight away warming up the room with some easy listening. During the break, he will take over again and keep the atmosphere going whilst letting the food or refreshments happen. Once the band has finished, Bob takes the party to a whole new level with up to the minute chart hits, club anthems, nostalgic classics and a whole heap of requests. How he fits it all in sometimes, makes me wonder.

Will you play our First Dance?

We absolutely love playing the first dance. We have been asked for some amazing and quirky songs in our time. It's always a very special moment and we are honoured to be a part of it. We also don’t mind if you prefer the original version from the CD. The only requirement for a first song is advance notice! We have played a lot of popular songs before but if your first dance really is a bit different, we would need a few weeks notice to prepare. Some of our previous first dances are listed on our playlist page. In case you need inspiration!

Can we come and see you first?

It’s safe to say that if you like our videos and playlist then you can rest assured, we will impress you and your guests on the night. There are lots of choices when booking a wedding band in Dublin so how about checking us out live? We also play Showcase gigs and Pub gigs for the purpose of giving people a feel for what the band can deliver. Our show is very energetic and we are proud of what we do. So, it’s not a requirement but it is a lot of fun to come and see us, get excited, have a great evening, tell your friends!

Are you available?

That is a good question. You should Check Availability straight away as dates fill up really quickly. If you have a date in mind then give Keith a call on 086 38 44 868 now or email But best practice is to go to our Check Availability page and fill in your details.

Our Story
The Moogs are one of the most amazing Wedding Bands Dublin has to offer. We are not just another Wedding Band, We are an amazing group of top quality musicians who put our heart and soul into every single show. The energy that we project to an audience is unbelievable and always gets the floor full from the very first song.

You need to see this amazing, award-winning and massively energetic approach to becoming the #1 Alternative Wedding Band for your best day ever.

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