Wedding Band Videos

The Moogs Wedding Band Promo Videos are 100% energetic and 100% live.

See The Moogs in action in our gallery of Wedding Band Videos taken from Video Shoots, Live Concerts, Showcases, and Weddings.

This is a band you need to see live.
With 100% Energy in every show, The Moogs have wowed audiences for over 15 years. It's hard to capture the energy of the night in a video but one thing is for sure, we are always blowing the socks off anyone who is lucky enough to get in front of the band and hit the dance floor. 

So if you want something extra special on your wedding night, and are looking for a band that will make your wedding a night to remember, then go ahead and Book The Moogs, and you will have your guests asking you, "Where did you find that band" and "I didn't sit down all night" and of course, "it was just hit after hit". 

We usually hold wedding Showcases regularly so stay tuned for upcoming dates. 
in the meantime, check out our videos and testimonials. 
Our Story
The Moogs are one of the most amazing Wedding Bands Dublin has to offer. We are not just another Wedding Band, We are an amazing group of top quality musicians who put our heart and soul into every single show. The energy that we project to an audience is unbelievable and always gets the floor full from the very first song.

You need to see this amazing, award-winning and massively energetic approach to becoming the #1 Alternative Wedding Band for your best day ever.

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