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Our next Wedding Band Showcase will be on the
5th of July in Duffys – Malahide at 9:00 pm
See us live and meet the band.

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Wedding Band Showcase

Our next showcase will be in Duffys – Malahide on July 5, 2017 at 9:00 pm,
in Malahide, Ireland

Wedding Bands Ireland – The Moogs

The Moogs will be showcasing their power packed energetic performances with a quick snippet or their wedding band playlist in Duffy's Malahide, Co. Dublin Ireland.
The idea is to give people an overall look at the band's diversity and range of styles that can transform your wedding day into a party of a lifetime.
Short snippets of some of the most entertaining floor filling tracks that never fail to fill the floor on the night,

Get down to see this band live. Free in, Come and see the band live.

See us live and meet the band.

The Moogs

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