Meet the Best Wedding Band in Ireland

What makes the best wedding band?

The Moogs are a 5 piece band with a huge collection of tunes to make every occasion a success. Each musician brings experience & energy, having played with such artists as BellX1MundyThe WallsSharon ShannonSomething HappensPaddy CaseyNatty WailerJuliet TurnerJuno Falls & The Frames to name but a few.. making The Moogs the best wedding band Ireland can offer.



Jo “Jukebox – Jack in the Box” Charles

When she’s not singing, she’s dancing. Frequently she does both at the same time and asks if St John’s ambulance are in the house. Singing with the Moogs coming up on five years, she’s just as enthusiastic about making your night as memorable as possible now as she was then. Her voice is always a bit of a surprise given her size & we have it on good authority that her mommy calls her “the little pocket rocket” ???? When she’s not with the band she is a full-time church & ceremony singer ????


Robbie “all about that bass, no treble” Malone ????

Moog messer extraordinaire, Robbie just IS rhythm, the boy can even dance! He makes it all look super easy… It’s not. The fastest fingers in the band, maybe even in the land, he adds a flair and depth that will have you grooving til the dawn. Don’t leave your phone down when he’s around though, as he’s also a pretty keen photographer. When Robbie’s not with the band he does important stuff in BIMM & tours with David Gray. Fancy. ⭐️ — with Robbie Malone.


Dave “demon on the drums” Lawless

Forget what you’ve ever heard about men & multi-tasking because Dave can play the drums, call a set, tell you when to start when to finish or warn you about the middle 8 you totally forgot about….. Not me obviously, the others… AND he sings (whilst playing) which basically means he’s using every atom of his being on stage ???????? you’ll be tired just looking at him!


Keith “keyboard King” Lawless ????

Your first point of contact, your every query answered, your every concern quashed! Keith is Mr Moog & from the minute you book til the final farewell on your big day, he has you covered. When on stage he’s also quite the multi-tasker (maybe it’s a Lawless thing) as he manages the sound, plays keys & sings with total ease. And boy can he play those keys!! He is an absolute perfectionist & his constant tweaking really does make the band what it is ???????? When he’s not with the band, you can find Keith in the studio or maybe on the golf course working on his swing (& tan) ????